FUSION    - the functions of helicopter and aircraft are merged!  

                          ETHICS    - stands for Edged Turbine Helicopter Impulsion Common System

     - is a vertical take-off drive concept also qualified for civil aviation     

        - the lift fans are driven by clear-air turbine air                                           

                                        - it is suitable for smaller (19) and larger aircraft (>30 passengers)                                          

 Essential construction elements of the lift-drive are patented


Forget energy shortages in the VTOL phase.

ETHICS (Edged Turbine Helicopter Impulsion Common System) is a new VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) propulsion concept for aircraft taking off and landing vertically, which is particularly qualified for civil applications.

The conception phase has been completed:
From the VTOL lift fan to the aircraft turbine, the powerchain is available throughout
From aircraft design to the balance system
From the vertical take-off to the transition and cruise phase
For a realization, extensive, already existing and on the market components can be used:
- real aircraft
- real turbofan engines
What follows now is the testing of the drive chain and then the realization of an ETHICS lift system.
The concept is new. 


It is designed to take off/landing/hovering vertically and at the same time to achieve high ranges (wingborne) at high cruising speed. High freight capacities are possible.

As it is operated with standard (modified) aircraft turbines (e.g. with kerosene), there are no energy supply bottlenecks. In all flight phases. It is not comparable with concepts propagated on the market today.



In a VTOL aircraft, the system combines the advantages of an airplane with those of a helicopter.


These include:
 - Vertical take-off and landing even with minimal or no infrastructure (missing or very short runway)
 - Cruise speed comparable with today's scheduled airliners
 - Depending on vehicle design, comparable ranges to those of today's aircraft
 - In Wingborne operation with modern engines economical in kerosene consumption
 - Passenger capacities far higher than with planned air taxi concepts, for example
 - On the ground, only ambient air is blown downwards for the ETHICS units and no hot turbine exhaust gases
 - Designed as a shoulder or high-deck model, it can be loaded accident-free and without restriction
 - Essential parts of the lift rotor are patented, further patents are in preparation


ETHICS can be used to supply offshore drilling platforms, in inaccessible areas without take-off/landing infrastructure and in intercity hopping operations at hubs close to cities.

The potential market for such vertical take-offs is huge.

Investors are welcome.


  future is disruption  -  and enhancement